Help: Keeping cells from adhering to glass.

R Keith Duncan duncanrk at
Wed Dec 13 12:39:19 EST 1995

I am using harvested chick inner ear hair cells in my experiments.  They 
are bathed in L15 medium (Hanks salts with amino acids and vitamins) and 
held in a dish with glass coverslip bottom.  Unfortunately for me, the cells 
appear to be sticking to the dish.  I need to be able to capture the 
cells into a suction pipette, but when suction is applied, the cells 
look like they are being torn from the bottom of the dish.  I am not 
culturing the cells, so (unlike probably most of you) I do not want the 
cells to stick to the dish or initiate outgrowths of (neural) processes.

Any ideas to help keep the cells from adhering to the glass.  I've tried 
HCl (makes it worse), silianization, acetone wash, and soaking in sterile 
water overnight.  

Please email directly since I do not read this newgroup often :)
duncanrk at


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