Mechanical Low-speed centrifuge

Alan Eugene Davis adavis at
Tue Dec 19 06:13:40 EST 1995

Ricardo Azpiroz (azpiroz at U.ARIZONA.EDU) wrote:
: I know I have seen crank-driven mechanical centrifuges. This was when in 
: college at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico. The 
: centrifuges looked extremely simple and NOT homemade, so I'm sure sombody 
: out there manufactures them. The U.A.M. has a home page on WWW. Try the 
: name of the university on a search, or go to education, then latin 
: America, etc. Maybe someone there can help.

A school science supplier in Honolulu, Hawaii---I think the name is Hawaii 
Chemtech---can supply these hand crank centrifuges.  Certainly you can 
find the name of such a supplier in the Yellow Pages.

Otherwise email to me and I will try to locate this address.  It took 
some searching to get this information.

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