Scatter Factor/Met receptor

Torreele Els etorreel at
Thu Feb 2 13:27:45 EST 1995

Is anybody out there dealing with SF/HGF and/or the Met recptor ?
If so, maybe you can you help me with (one of) the following questions.
- where can I obtain neutralising antibodies towards (murine) SF ?
- what is the best way to evaluate Met expression on (tumor)cells with no 
epithelial morphology, in particular when antibodies are not available
(biological activity, PCR,...) 
- where can I obtain antibodies against murine Met ?
- is it known whether scatter activity is associated with modifications
of the expression of adhesion molecules ?
- is scatter activity a biological activity of SF/HGF with in vivo relevance
or is it only the in vitro "scattering" of some particular cell line ?

Thanks for any suggestion,

Els Torreele
Cellular Immunology, Brussels

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