Primary Breast Neoplasm Cell Culture

Hans Bernd Prisack bojar at
Fri Feb 3 10:03:23 EST 1995

Dear cellbio netters

I am trying to do primary cell cultures of primary breast cancer cultur
cells.  I have methods from Stampfer-MR, but
need some advice on technical details. Esp. the used basal medium MCDB170
seams not to be available.

Is there anyone out there who is expert in these sorts of cultures and has
the time to email me as an advisor on these cultures. 
Any hint for a good procedure and your personal experience 
in primary breast neoplasm culture may help. 

Questions are:

Whitch is the best surface for growth, 
(or is nothing better then softagar?)

whitch are the best basal mediums, supplements, conditions?
(Is there any universal medium? The heterogenity in 
growth receptor expression makes this questionable.)
My best results were made with the serumfree CHANG-D Medium,
but it worked only on cells from mammary derived pleura exudat.
My enzymatic digestion protocol, gives 1-3mio living cells /ccm tumor.
It is based on an incubation time 24h without any stirring.

What do you think about perfusing the tumor pieces,
spiked whith capilary needles, whith carbogenated digestion solution?

I hate seeing my cells always dying whithin one week. Please help them.

Thanks in advance.  


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