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Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Sun Feb 5 06:11:37 EST 1995

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> I'm looking for any advice on how to culture dog fibroblasts. Please help!!
> Jen :)

Funny that you ask, because for the first time ever someone in our lab just 
grew up a bunch of dog fibros from some autopsy material.  The tissues were 
first macerated, trypsinized, then cultured in flasks containing RPMI with 
10% FBS, and antibiotics (Pen-Strep-Genta) were present, plus fungizone.  
They grew like weeds, so provided your material is reasonably fresh, then you 
should be ok.  We got skins from deep tissue layers, but if your dog is alive 
you might need to ask someone who knows how to get fibnros humanely.  I know 
they use ear punches for sheep, and skin punches for humans...



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