anti-HA antibodies

Tien-Hsien Chang tchang at
Wed Feb 8 14:45:21 EST 1995

 We have been waiting for Berkeley Antibody Co. to deliver rabbit anti-HA
antibodies for the past 2 months.  The most recent information we got is that
we still have to wait for them to complete their assessment of the new batch.
We are aware of BMB is selling mouse anti-HA monoclonal.  However the price is
exceedingly expensive.  One gets 200 micrograms for more than $200.  And the
recommended conc. for Western is 10 micrograms per ml.

     Is there a noncommercial source (in academics) where we (and most likely
many others) can obtain anti-HA monoclonal antibodies (mouse or rabbit)?  We
are interested in using these for immunolocalization studies for HA-tagged
proteins in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

     We would appreciate that someone can provide useful suggestions an/or
protocols regarding using anti-HA antibodies for this purpose in yeast.  I
heard that anti-HA recognizes some related proteins in yeast cells.  Is there a
way to get rid of these signals (we know of preadsorption by yeast powder may
help)?  Pointers to references of using this approach in yeast are greatly

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