Luciferase marking of genetically modified orgs

bch130 bch130 at
Thu Feb 9 11:20:23 EST 1995

Im looking at how luciferase marked (luminescent) organisms may be used
to monitor Water quality and the bio-availability of Potentially Toxic
Elements (PTE's)(-mainly inorganics ie Zinc ,Copper,Cadmium,Mercury etc)

Does anybody out there know of a good source of info on the net 
for such a topic or any good e-journals

Do you have any comments-Questions?

Im using a mini transposon system (mini Tn5) to insert the genes of interest-

Do you know of any ways of directing mini Tn insertion
to specific regions of the chromosome?

Thanks ,

Mark Burton - bch130 at 
Dept of Molecular and Cell Biology 
Marischal College

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