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> I am looking to set up a way to record our westerns and ethidium gels
> using a system based around out macs (AV).  I would preferably like
> to use off the shelf components and in addition to recording them
> for archival/presentation purposes, would also like to get some
> relatively quantitative information from the data.  I have looked
> at some of the commercial units and was boggled by the number of
> bucks they wanted and figured that we could do better.
> Any ideas/opnions would be appreciated.
> TIA.

Check out the program NIH-Image - available by anon ftp to

The documents for NIH-Image (also available at above mentioned site)
contain info on setting up a system similar to what you describe.  There
is also a mailing list that discusses various topics concerning
NIH-Image.  Setting up a system is often a topic of conversation on this
list.  Check out the archives of the mailing list.  (Info on the mailing
list and its archive is also available in the documentation you can get
from the ftp site at NIH)

Hope this helps.

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