Cell Culture References

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>On 8 Feb 1995 23:18:12 -0800 you said:
>>  I'm experienced in whole organ physiology.  However, I am preparing to
>>begin some experiments utilizing cell culture methods.  Any suggestions
>>on practical texts or references for getting started and which include
>>the listings of the commonly used cell lines?
>>Thanx!  krw at sfsu.edu
>Try "Culture of Animal Cells:  A Manual of Basic Technique"  by R. Ian Freshney
>It's a good general reference.  Good luck.

Freshney is an excellen basic source, but the net could be more 
informative if we knew what you wanted to do with cultured cells.  From your 
backgound, I'd guess you needed some type of specialized cell.  There are a 
lot of specialized cell lines available, some well known and some not.  
Choosing the correct cell line, or even a particular subclone, may mean 
success or a great deal of wasted time.  Please inform us!

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