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In article <3hb70h$djn at>, tchang at (Tien-Hsien Chang) writes:
>      We would appreciate that someone can provide useful suggestions an/or
> protocols regarding using anti-HA antibodies for this purpose in yeast.  I
> heard that anti-HA recognizes some related proteins in yeast cells.  Is there a
> way to get rid of these signals (we know of preadsorption by yeast powder may
> help)?  Pointers to references of using this approach in yeast are greatly
> appreciated.
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Tien-Hsien,  My reply indicated all of the references used flu monoclonals 
described in the 1993 PNAS paper.  I meant 1983 PNAS paper.  I guess it just 
feels like yesterday<g>.  Please let me know if any references are in error.  
Also let me know if there wre any omissions (the list hasn't been updated for 
almost a year and I would be happy to add more recent refernces).

Henry L. Niman, Ph.D.

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