ASCB needs your help!

Mon Feb 13 08:36:40 EST 1995

     The ASCB is compiling a list of Society members who
     have received funding from NASA, currently work for
     NASA, or otherwise have affiliation with NASA who would
     be willing to be listed on a proposal to be submitted
     by the ASCB to the National Air & Space Museum.  The
     ASCB Local Arrangements Committee is submitting a
     proposal to the Air & Space Museum to host the 1995
     Social there; however, Air & Space requires that the
     host organization (ASCB in this instance) have some
     type of affiliation with Air & Space.  Any ASCB member
     who has an affiliation with NASA and who is willing to
     be listed on the proposal is asked to send their name,
     address, phone, fax, and e-mail to Natasha Museles at
     the ASCB: e-mail:nmuseles at; tel:
     301-530-7153; fax: 301-530-7139.

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