West Coast Connective Tissue 1995 Meeting

Mary Barcellos-Hoff MHBarcellos-Hoff at LBL.GOV
Mon Feb 13 21:20:11 EST 1995

First Announcement - 
        The 1995 Western Connective Tissue Society meeting will take place
June 29 -July 1 in Berkeley this year. The aim of the conference is to share
information on the dynamic interaction that exists between the cell and the
molecules that it  produces or degrades.
        Being centrally located, we hope to attract diverse participation
from all over the West.  We are holding the meeting at the Clark Kerr campus
(part of the University) and the cost will be low (room and board will be
~$50/day).  The facilities
have been well received by previous groups. Therefore, students, postdocs,
and full professors are encouraged to attend. The casual environment should
encourage interaction and discussion.
	A second, more detailed announcement will be sent in March with a call for
abstracts by May.	Questions?  Please contact:

Richard Schwarz	e-mail -   RISchwarz at LBL.gov						snailmail- Bldg. 83, LBL,
U. of  Calif., Berkeley, CA   94720
phone - 510-486-4876   FAX - 510-486-5586


Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff      e-mail - MHBarcellos-Hoff at LBL.gov						snail
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