Subject: Help wanted: search for immortal endothelial cells

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Tue Feb 21 14:24:11 EST 1995

>Subject: Help wanted: search for immortal endothelial cells
>Date: Mon, 20 Feb 1995 13:23:36
>Who is working with immortal (microvascular) endothelial cells.
>I need some information obout preparation, medium conditon,
>charactarisation etc. .
>Iwould appreciate any kind of help.
>Monika Schütz
Dear Monika
I have been growing ECV-304 (available through ATCC) for about 3 months now.
ECV-304 is an immortal line which came out of normal HUVEC cultures. It
grows in RPMI-1640/10% FCS with no additional growth factors. It grows fast
approx 24h doubling and requires 10 fold less skill to grow than HUVEC
primary cultures. Will it do what HUVEC do? Well you have to find out how
they compare for the assays you have in mind. For my work, purinergic
receptors, they appear similar in their agonist profiles to HUVEC.
Gary Jamieson
Austin Hospital
Heidelberg VIC 3084
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