Kinase assay question

Thu Feb 23 07:47:27 EST 1995

	James Smith writes:
	>The Activity is measured in pmol ATP incorperated per minute.  I
	>normalise this by dividing by the TOTAL protein concentration of the
	>initial cell lysates (mg/ml) as determined by the BioRad assay
	>system (OD taken @ 595nm etc).  Ideally, I would prefer to determine the
	>protein concentrations of the individual 18% and 45% ammonium sulphate
	>cuts but unfortunately the BioRad system doesn't work with ammonium sulphate.
	>Does anyone know of any other protein concentration assay system that can
	>work in the presence of ammonium sulphate? 
	Try the BCA Protein Assay Reagent Kit from Pierce (1-800-874-3723
	in the US or 31 1860 19277 in the Netherlands).  They say the
	assay is compatible with 3.0% ammonium sulfate (but not with 20%).
	If you are using 18% and 45%, this may not be helpful to you.
	This protein assay also works in the presence of detergents.
	Hope this is of some help.
	jma at
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