Peter French p.french at ARNIE.CFI.UNSW.EDU.AU
Tue Feb 28 16:33:45 EST 1995

Dear Everyone, 
A couple of days ago I wrote 
>Does anyone know where I could borrow or buy an antibody to the focal
>adhesion kinase pp125FAK?

Since then I have had many replies from lots of people. Thank you all. For
anyone else who may be interested, I have summarised the responses below.

>Try Transduction Laboratories,   U.S.,  1-800-227-4063, Europe,(U.K.) 
>44-602-436100, JAPAN,  81-3-5684-1622
>Catalog #F15020
>The catalog says it works on immunoblotting, immunofluorescence.
>If you have difficulty to contact from Australia, please tell me.
>I 'll  be able to  ask a local agenct here in Japan.
>Good luck.
>K.Sasaki, M.D.
>Growth Factor Division, 
>National Cancer Center  Hospital, Tokyo, Japan

>Upstate Biotechnology Incorporated (UBI) sells a mAb to FAK (Cat. # 
>05-182). Their order number is 800/233-3991 and tech support is 
>Karl R. Fath, PhD          
Department of Biological Sciences         
> University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA. 15260 Email:kaf3+ at pitt.edu          
>      Telephone:  +1-412-624-0696 Fax:+1-412-624-4759

>>Hello Peter--We don't have the antibody that you need, but are in the 
>business of making antibodies for people on a custom.  If you have 
>difficulty in finding the antibody on the 'net, and might be interested 
>in having the anti pp125FAK antibody made for you, please contact us.
>--Tom Anderson
>Berkeley Antibody Company
>babco at is.netcom.com

As well, I have had an offer of collaboration from Seth Corey, which we are
working on.

I have had other replies, with essentially the same information, so it
seems that there are only two commercial suppliers of this antibody. 

I just thought I would like to point out the value of the network, for both
information and collaboration. Thanks to all who replied. If anyone else
would like to speculate about the role of FAK in neutrophils or mast cells,
why not send me a message. I have managed to obtain some antibody, and am
doing some studies as we type!

Best wishes,


Peter French, Centre for Immunology, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

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