FITC conjugation of purified proteins

Ben Kruskal kruskal at
Fri Jan 6 12:16:51 EST 1995

FITC conjugation is generally fairly straightforward and should not
require a kit.  The most important points are:

1.  Use the best quality FITC you can get (I recommend either 
 Research Organics
4353 E. 49th St.
Cleveland, OH  44125  or

Molecular Probes
4849 Pitchford Av.
Eugene, OR  97402).

2.  The unreacted FITC tends to be hard to separate, and for most
purposes it's important to remove it.  I've usually used extensive
dialysis, although many protocols recommend gel filtration over

Reasonable protocols include:
Harlow & Lane, Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual, 1988, Cold Spring
Harbor Lab. 

Hope this is helpful.

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