Peter French p.french at ARNIE.CFI.UNSW.EDU.AU
Thu Jan 5 19:33:29 EST 1995

In reply to Shehan Dissanayake's message:

>I would like to know whether anyone has experience with 'stablizing'
>actin in live cells using Phallacidin? Where does one purchase
>phallacidin? How does one introduce it into cells without gross changes
>in physiology esp. transport?

I have introduced phalloidin (available from Sigma) into mast cells using
permeabilisation of the cells with streptolysin O. We know that it gets in,
as we have monitored it in the FITC-labelled form. SLO permeabilisation
allows the cells to remain viable and functional. You could also try other
permeabilisation methods using detergents such as NP-40, but this may be
toxic to the cells. You have to permeabilise them, however, as phalloidin
will not cross the membrane.

Peter French, Centre for Immunology, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

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