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>Science &  God 1/5/94
>*Spontaneous Generation & The Evolutionary theory
>         The beginnings of the evolutionist theory began with "spontaneous
>generation." This was first purposed when raw meat was left, say a
>week or so, it would then "magically" begin to show the "spontaneous
>generation"(abiogenesis) of life, via small maggots.
>        This is still the root of the evolutionary theory today. Except
>now, they have exchanged meat for molecules. Here is an example text
>from my current microbiology book "Biologist believe that life arose on
>earth about 4 billion years ago in the form of simple organism much like
>the prokaryotic[2] organisms of today, however fossil evidence suggests
>that eukaryotic[3] organism arose only about 1 billion years ago." [1]
>Basically, this states that it took 3 billion years just for a cell to
>evolve into one with a nucleus(eukaryote). And it took ONLY 1 billion
>years to go from a eukaryote[ cell w/ nucleus ] to a modern humanoid.
>Quite illogical.
>*Where infinity begins?
>        It has been said that if a Creator exists, than who created the
>Creator?  We are forgeting that the Creator is infinite, therefore
>to ask who created God? It the same as to purpose the question:
>When did infinity begin? This is a paradox.
>[1] Microbiology 2nd Edition, pg 102, Author: Jacquelyn G Black,
>    Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1993
>[2] Prokaryote - Lack nucleus, micro-orgranism [bacteria]
>[3] Eukaryote  - Cell with nucleus
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I don't know about your God but my God surely could design/create a system
in which a cell could evolve into a human in a billion years.  Evolution
does not equate with athesim.  Its biggest conflict with religion is simply
that it argues against a literal translation of the bible.  Surely you
admit that if God could create man and his environment in 6 days according
to a literal interpretation of Genesis then He could initiate the process
of evolution.  God is all powerful and incomprehensible as you point out
with your paradox.   Why do you think you can understand everything about
him in human terms.  Perhaps the  concepts in the bible have been revealed
to man in parable/analogy fashion.  You should put a little faith into
God's existence and maybe you wouldn't feel so obligated to impose your
views on how He should do his job.

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