Ca-ATPase antibodies

Thu Jan 12 07:08:49 EST 1995

Hi netters!
I am working in "P"-type H+- & Ca2+-ATPases in fungal membranes and I'd like 
to make some experiments with antibodies raised against these or similar 
enzymes in other fungi (The system I'm using is Ustilago maydis)
plants and animals. Could somebody provide me with such antibodies?. 
Ideally, the best ones should be fungal (only for the H+-ATPase, unfortunatly
there's none for Ca2+-ATPase as far as I know) but plant and animal ones would
be much appreciated as well. The amounts that I need are small.
If you think you could help me, give me an electronic shout at:
Agustin.Hernandez at
or, alternatively, by snail-mail at:
Agustin Hernandez
Long Ashton Research Station
Long Ashton, Bristol
BS18 9AF
United Kingdom

Cheers everybody.

A. Hernandez

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