Introduction of YACs into mamm.cells

Jay D. Hunt III jhunt at
Thu Jan 12 16:20:30 EST 1995

>Hi Joris,
>we introduce large YACs into murine ES cells by yeast protoplast
>fusion.I have not seen anything published on the introduction
>of YACs by protoplast fusion into human cells.
>The limit for microinjection is currently about
>600kb, and there is only one guy in this world who
>made it. I cannot see any advantage of lipofection
>over protoplast fusion.
>Best wishes,
>Andrei Popov
>andrei.popov at

I have tried extensively to introduce YACs into human lung cells using
spheroplast fusion and have had no luck whatsoever.  I have, on several
occassions, gotten colonies to grow out for a week or two, but these always
eventually die.  I would also love to get any information about introducing
YACs into human cells.

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