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Fri Jan 13 20:52:36 EST 1995

                      RE>introduction of YACs in mammalian         1/13/95
Hi Joris:  We've done some work in that area, as has Bill Strauss at the
Whitehead.  You might want to contact him as well. The biggest YAC we've put in
in so far is 650kb, by lipofection into mouse ES cells.  There's no reason to
believe that a YAC 3 times as large can't be put in.  However, for
microinjection there's the pesky problem of concentration, even if the shearing
doesn't get you first... You should figure out how many molecules of the YAC you
can get in by different means.   Cheers!   Jeanne

Date: 1/12/95 7:47 PM
To: Jeanne Loring
From: Joris Heus
Hi everyone,

I would like to get in contact with people who have introduced YACs 
(especially long ones) into mammalian cells (human,mouse,CHO).
Does anyone know a human cell line which will fuse with spheroplasts and 
give transformants?
Alternatively, does anyone know how to lipofect or microinject a 2.5 Mb 
YAC into a cell line?

Thanks,					Joris Heus

PS. Sorry for the empty message (miftake) I sent last week.

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