tubulin concentrations

Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sun Jan 15 20:40:15 EST 1995

I wrote a couple of pages reviewing tubulin concentrations in:

Gordon, R. & G.W. Brodland (1987). The cytoskeletal mechanics of brain 
morphogenesis: cell state splitters cause primary neural induction. Cell 
Biophysics 11,  177-238.

Best regards, -Dick Gordon, U. Manitoba[Jan15,95]

On 15 Jan 1995, NICHOLAS THEODORAKIS wrote:
> >Hi netters.  Can anyone be of help by telling me where/how I might be able
> >to find/calculate a "typical" concentration (mg/ml or something of the
> >like) of a housekeeping protein like tubulin in a "typical" mammalian
> >cell.

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