Mycoplasma detection

David Roos droos at
Sun Jan 15 21:25:34 EST 1995

Sigurdur Einar Vilhelmsson wrote:
> I recently saw an ad in Nature regarding a detectionkit for mycoplasma from
> Boehringer Mannheim.  This kit is based on a combination of PCR and ELISA.
> Since I work in a small lab that doesn't have the necessary equipment for
> analysing the ELISA, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mycoplasma
> detection kit based on PCR only.  I would be very greatful for any
> information on this, either E-mail or a follow-up.

Anyone with access to a fluorescence microscope with suitable 
illumination/filter sets can easily assay for mycoplasma contamination by 
staining with Hoechst 33258.  For methods see T.R.Chen (1977) 
Exp.Cell.Research 104:255-262.  It's cheap and easy ... no need for an 
overpriced kit!

-- D.S.Roos, Dep't Biology, Univ. Pennsylvania (droos at

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