Cupromeronic Blue

R S Hopkin R.S.Hopkin at
Mon Jan 16 09:50:17 EST 1995

Hi, my name is Richard Hopkin and I am currently engaged on work 
involving the Malpighian tubules of Locusta migratoria. We are interested 
in obtaining a cationic copper phtalocyanin dye, "Cupromeronic Blue", 
which we hope to use to locate sulphated polysaccherides intracellularly.
The semi-systematic name of this dye, which is based on cinchromeronic 
acid , is as follows: 

N'N''N'''N''''-tetramethlytetra-azaporphin tetrakismethanosulphate.

We would be grateful for any information on the availability of this 
dyestuff, commercially or otherwise.
I can be contacted by e-mail at R.S.Hopkin at, alternatively by 
post at: 

         The Department of Biological Sciences,
         University of Durham,
         Science Laboratories,   
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