reproductive rates of paramecia

Lex minyee at
Mon Jan 16 20:32:55 EST 1995

Hello.  My friends and I are designing an experiment on the effects of 
oil on paramecia.  We have chosen to focus specifically on paramecium 
reproductive rates as a result/function of light levels.  However, there 
are some questions to be clarified before we can be fully confident in 
commencing our research:

1)  We need to keep our samples alive for several weeks.  We are planning 
to feed them E. coli.  How much would we need per week?

2)  How often does p. reproduce?

3)  Our hypothesis is:  decreased light level results in a slower 
paramecia reproductive rate.  Are we way off base here?  Does light have 
any effect on paramecia at all?

4)  How do you cultivate paramecia in a laboratory?

5)  Has this experiment been done before?  What were the results?

If anyone can help us, please reply or e-mail me at minyee at  
Thank you for your time, and we await your timely response.

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