Mitochondrial Isolation

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Tue Jan 17 21:36:23 EST 1995

In article <1995Jan13.173041.11685 at ivax>, fcrump at writes:
>I am curious if anyone working on mitochondrial bioenergetics knows if the
>isolation procedure of Johnson and Lardy preserves the outer mitochondrial
>membrane in its native state.  I have conflicting evidence in 2 journals 
>but they are quite old.  I would rather not have to go through a series of
>swelling experiments with hypotonic solutions and monoamine oxidase marker
>enzyme experiments if I dont have to.

    Thanks in advance for information concerning the Johnson and Lardy
procedures.  A specific article or journal would be great! Thanks...

    Corey Braastad
    UMass Dartmouth
    Biology Department, Molecular Biology/Genetics

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