somatic cell gene therapy

E.J. Saunders ugm2ejs at
Thu Jan 19 10:02:07 EST 1995

Hi!  My name is Emily Saunders

I am a 3rd year medical student intercalating in biochem/ molecular biology.
I am currently researching the field of ex vivo somatic cell gene therapy "The 
potential of using skin cells". I have looked at all the mainstream stuff and 
it appears that even the "leaders" eg; Dusty Miller, I.Verma etc. have rather 
given up on using fibroblast/keratinocyte primary cells as feasible gene 
product delivery systems due to problems with in vivo expression (gene 
inactivation?) and seem to be defecting to myoblasts instead!  Can anyone give
me some optimistic news concerning skin cell research in this area.
A group in China have actually done some stage I clinical trials using 
modified fibroblasts/collagen gel injections in an effort to deliver factor IX 
- the results seemed promising.  I can't believe that the "skin approach" is a 
lost cause......Do you?

All opinions,suggestions,references etc would be most welcome.
It is a fascinating area and I want to gain the broadest, most up-to-date
view on the subject!


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