Microsome prep from cultured cells: methods?

Brian Salisbury DSMT45A at prodigy.com
Thu Jan 19 21:24:32 EST 1995

My lab is currently isolating microsomes from cultured cells, 
specifically an enterocyte line, but the procedure we use has been used 
for HepG2 cells in the past as well. Unfortunately I do not have the 
procedure here at home this evening. I will bring it home tomorrow night 
and post it if I can. Basically, you just harvest a large number of cells 
(by scraping) and put them through several cycles of freeze-thaw (liquid 
N2/37oC). After that it's just a matter of going through a standard 
microsome preparation by differential sedimentation.
  B.SALISBURY  DSMT45A at prodigy.com

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