Impact of Growth Factors (the journal)

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> I think that the journal Growth Factors is listed for the first time
> in the latest edition of the ISI Journal Citation Reports. Since our
> library didn't buy this ('93) edition, I would like to ask if someone
> could provide me with the impact factor of this journal. 
> (My fax number to the distributor seems to be incorrect)

Well, we're a little biased here since the editor, Tony Burgess, is the
director of our Institute (and also my supervisor).  Still, there have been
some very good papers published in it.  It is not Nature, but if you were
published there you would be in good company.

I don't know who your distributor is.  I am sure we could send you some
information, though.  Our fax number is +61 3 347 1938.

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