Integrin a 5 antibodies

David Wilson davidw at
Fri Jan 27 13:46:50 EST 1995

I have used this line before and it has worked.
I am wondering if some one could spare a few  microlitres of integrin  "A,5", 
antibody ? I would like screen a cell line for this integrin and am willing to 
buy it but if it does not work I will have wasted $$. My primary concern is 
that I am using a porcine model and none of the commercial suppliers I have 
contacted have any information regarding cross reactivity with a porcine  
I have been a recipient of network generosity in the past and would be happy 
to gift small amounts of commercial antibodies that I have for others to try 
with there systems.  Failing a gift, if anyone has any information regarding 
the cross reactivity of  a commmercial anti integrin A 5 antibody with porcine 
tissue I would be greatful for the information and make the purchase directly.

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