silver staining

Brian A. Hollander afn08460 at FREENET.UFL.EDU
Mon Jan 30 09:27:54 EST 1995

I have tried several different silver staining protocols. The one I have 
found that best combines speed, ease, and sensitivity is that of Wray et 
al. (1981) Anal. Biochem. 118:197-203. Remember to keep all glassware 
extremely clean. Also, as a tip, if you can acid clean your gel combs, do so.


On Fri, 27 Jan 1995 klennon at wrote:

>  I am desperately looking for a good protocol for silver staining of proteins 
> electrophoresed on and SDS-PAGE gel. My kit is too old to use and my results 
> are terrible with my current protocol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Please e-mail me with advice : kalen at

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