Question: How many proteins in cytoplasm/membrane?

henrik at henrik at
Tue Jul 4 17:37:12 EST 1995

I have had a hard time trying to find answers to the following questions in the litterature. If anyone has references, estimates or some
knowledge about these matters I would be very thankful.

In a typical eukaryotic cell, how many proteins are there in the cytoplasm? (numbers or conc.)
How many proteins are there in the cell membrane?
What would be a typical conc. of a regulatory/enzymatic/structural protein in the eukaryotic cell?
If a protein is overexpressed in a eukaryotic cell, how high concentrations can be achieved (without killing the cell)?
Has anyone tried to overexpress a membrane protein, and how many copies would the cell accept in its membrane?

By the way: What are the approximate sizes of various types of eukaryotic cells?

If you have examples of protein concentrations or numbers, I would be happy to hear about that too. If possible, leave a reference.
Please send your information to "Henrik at". Thank you very much, any info will be appreciated.

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