Mepacrine (Quinacrine ) as a PLA2 inhibitor

alan alan
Thu Jul 6 13:44:46 EST 1995

In article <3tbule$74d at>, Alan Monaghan <a.s.monaghan at> says:
>I am very interested in the effectivness of Mepacrine
>(Quinacrine) as a PLA2 inhibitor, it may be described
>as a non-selective phospholipase inhibitor, or some even
>describe it as being ineffective on PLA2, but I am interested
>to hear from anyone who has used it to inhibit any
>type of phospholipase, and how effective it was.
>Yours sincerely, G. G. MacGregor
>g.g.mcgregor at

Mepacrine has been tested against PLA2 activity in saliva and
salivary glands (homogenates and whole glands) from ticks.  It 
proved to be ineffective against both the secreted and intra-cellular
tick PLA2s -however, we didn't really find any adequate inhibitors (except
substrate analogues).  The literature is full of instances where mepacrine
is a very potent PLA2 inhibitor.

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