Anti human lactoperoxidase antibody

Vince T. NGUYEN vincetn at
Thu Jul 6 14:00:38 EST 1995

  We are working on a project about breast cancer, and we are suspecting 
that some cancer cells might produce lactoperoxidase.  Since some 
percentage of the cancer are also infiltrated by eosinophil, we would not 
be able to just add the peroxidase substrate to the tissue section 
because eosinophil peroxidase would give us false positive.  Hence we 
need a specific way of detecting lactoperoxidase.  Can anyone give us 
some info on where can we find a commercial/donated source of this 
antibody, it can be either pure antibody or a cell line.  We have 
exhaustedly check for its availability commercially with no luck.
  Any info is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

University of California, Irvine
Dept. of Pathology.
vincetn at

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