Q: PCR cloning kits

Linda Kingsbury lab_sakano at maillink.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 12 14:38:26 EST 1995

I wondered if anyone out there has had experience with the various PCR
product cloning kits now on the market (Invitrogen's TA cloning or
ZeroBackground cloning, Stratagene's pCRScript vector, Gibco's CloneAmp
kit, etc.)  Which of these kits works best for you?  Are they really as
fast as they claim?  How about effieciency -- how much PCR product do you
need, how many clones have inserts?  Are they convenient?  What are the
drawbacks/disadvantages of each system?  I hope this is not a F.A.Q. as I
am relatively new to this newsgroup.  Please forgive me if it is.  Thanks
for your help.

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