TO Mike Stutz... (was Mammalian Recombination)

Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Sat Jul 15 21:37:53 EST 1995

>   mamstutz at (Mike D Amstutz) writes:
>  You need the Binford Gene Powerator/terminator.  It's powered by a 12
>  horse Kohler engine, dual overhead cams, Holly double pumpers....
>  I gues maybe you don't get Home Improvement in Canada  so Ok maybe it wasn't so
>  funny.
>  Sorry I don't have much experience with Electroporation but if your interested
>  in other methods of mammalian transfection I may be able to help.

WE get more American T.V. channels here I think than most Americans so yes I have seen 
home improvement ( I am an avid fan and I watch when ever I get the chance).... It is funny
here in Canada we have more T.V.'s per capita then the US and most of our channels are
pumped in from guess who!  ]

Thanks for the offer of help with other methods....

If you got a method that can give me efficiencies of 10-4 stable transfectants/live cell transformed
with primarily single copy integrations (like with Electroporation) then I am all for it.... !

I  really hate technical crap (problems that stand in the way of testing ideas)
these things always get in the way and when you are doing
your Ph.D. and sadly the buck stops at you as you are the last one to begin with <grin>



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