Antibiotics overuse-supergerms !!

Daniel Kim dkim at
Fri Jul 21 01:27:57 EST 1995

In article <3ukn3b$b7g at stud.Direct.CA> ddobbs at Direct.CA (David Dobbs) writes:
>I finished reading the hot zone today, and about two hours
>later, the CBC had a very frightening 1 hour doc. about antibiotics
>resistant virus and bacteria.
>It seems that it is just a matter of time before all the "deafeated"
>germs ie tuberculosis etc... are resistant to everything we can throw
>at them, which would be quite a scary thing now wouldn,t it !
>Yet we see nothing of this massive upcoming problem in the news !
>What gives ???

Hmmm . . . shouldn't this question be posed to the media?

In truth, the New York Times had a very good series of articles last year about 
emerging multi-drug-resistant bacteria, including TB.  As for viruses, well, they 
are not affected by "antibiotics" in the usual sense anyways.

If you want action, encourage your congressperson to support more basic biomedical 
research.  I know _I_ could use the money!  :)

Daniel Kim

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