MBC September Titles

Kathy King kathy at ns1.faseb.org
Tue Jul 25 08:18:21 EST 1995

     The cytoplasmic tail domain of the vacuolar protein
     sorting receptor Vps10p and a subset of VPS gene
     products regulate receptor stability, function, and
          J.L. Cereghino, E.G. Marcusson, and S.D. Emr
     The C. elegans sex-determining gene fem-2 encodes a
     putative protein phosphatase
          D. Pilgram, A. McGregor, P. Jackle, T. Johnson,
          and D. Hansen
     Functional expression of a vertebrate inwardly
     rectifying K+ channel in yeast
          W. Tang, A. Ruknudin, W.-P. Yang, S.-Y. Shaw, A.
               Knickerbocker, and S. Kurtz
     Mutations in nucleolar proteins lead to nucleolar
     accumulation of poly a +RNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
          T. Kadowaki, R. Schneiter, M. Hitomi, and A.M.
     Redistribution of the CDK inhibitor p27 between
     different cyclin*CDK complexes in the mouse fibroblast
     cell cycle and in cells arrested with lovastatin or UV
          R.Y.C. Poon, H. Toyoshima, and T. Hunter
     Glucose-dependent turnover of the mRNAs encoding
     succinate dehydrogenase peptides in Saccharomyces
     cerevisiae: sequence elements in the 5' untranslated
     region of Ip mRNA play a dominant role
          G.P. Cereghino, D.P. Atencio, M. Saghbini, J.
               Beiner, and I.E. Scheffler
     Requirement for phosphorylation of cyclin B1 for
     Xenopus oocyte maturation
          J. Li, A.N. Meyer, D.J. Donoghue
     Microtubule stability in budding yeast:
     characterization and dosage suppression of a benomyl-
     dependent tubulin mutant
          N.A. Machin, J.M. Lee, and G. Barnes
     Vinblastine suppresses dynamics of individual
     microtubules in living interphase cells
          R. Dhamodharan, M.A. Jordan, D. Thrower, L.
          Wilson, and P. Wadsworth
     Wortmannin blocks lipid and protein kinase activities
     associated with PI 3-kinase and inhibits a subset of
     responses induced by FcepsilonR1 crosslingking.
          S.A. Berker, K.K. Caldwell, A. Hall, A.M.
               Martinez, J.R. Pfeiffer, J.M. Oliver, and B.S.
     Schizosaccharomyces pombe zfs1+ encoding a zinc-finger
     protein functions in the mating pheromone recognition
          J. Kanoh, A. Sugimoto, and M. Yamamoto
     Transient, lectin-like association of calreticulin with
     folding intermediates of cellular and viral
          J.R. Peterson, A. Ora, P.N. Van, A. Helenius

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