upregulation in response to antisense RNA

WJames William.James at pathology.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Jul 25 06:24:28 EST 1995

markley at acs.ucalgary.ca (Nancy A. Markley) wrote:
>Dear netters, 
>Antisense RNA has been widely used for turning off the expression
>of target genes. I have been told that the expression of
>antisense RNA may in some rare cases lead to an increase in the
>expression of the sense RNA of the target gene. Has  anyone
>experienced this or know of a reference that I can read to get
>more information on this phenomenon. I have generated transgenic
>plants which exhibit such an upregulation in response to
>antisense RNA, and will need some literature to back up my
>results. I have done a literature search and came up empty.

Anything in the antisense world is possible! The only occasion I have come 
across this phenomenon directly was when a colleague inadvertantly used 
the entire genomic clone of a gene (promoter, enhancer, polyA signal and 
all) in its antisense orientation in an expression vector. in this case, of 
course, the endogenous promoter just overcame that of the vector and so 
they had effectively just increased the copy number of the gene in 
question. I'm sure you were more careful...

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