HEK 293 cell culture question

anthonyp at scripps.edu anthonyp at scripps.edu
Tue Jun 6 17:57:48 EST 1995

In article <obrien-050695084335 at brass2.med.upenn.edu>, 
> I am developing stably transfected HEK 293 cell lines. 
> Has anyone had any experience decontaminating these or similar cells?  
> it possible to culture them in fungizone (amphotericin)?  Any 
> Thanks,
> Peter

These are ATCC CRL 1573?  (293 cells, human kidney epithelium immortalized 
with adenovirus E1A).  

Assuming we are talking about the same cells, the best way to 
decontaminate them is in the autoclave.  They are so easy to transfect it 
is rarely worth your time.  Unless you are sure these are the clones you 
want, why bother?  

But, if you are bound and determined, you can culture 293s in just about 
anything without killing them  (These things, along with HeLa, are the 
weeds of the cell culture world.  I've never tried dilute bleach, but I'm 
convinced they would shrug it off ;-).   Fungizone should work fine.  
You are aware, I'm sure, that these beasts throw varient clones all the 
time...that is, you get clones with a range of morphologies 
(flat-epithelial--->"fibroblast-like") everytime you select, right?

Best of luck


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