p53 mutation in murine tumor cell line

David Aldridge ALDRIDGE_D at WEHIU.wehi.edu.au
Mon Jun 5 19:31:52 EST 1995

norinaka at ppp.bekkoame.or.jp (Noriyuki Nakanishi) wrote:
>  I'm searching for mutation (s) of p53 tumor suppressor gene in murine
> Lewis lung carcinoma cells. In my experiments, p53 protein from this cell
> line strongly reacted with Pab240 antibody which can recognize human and
> murine mutated p53 with certain conformation changes. The Pab240 antibody
> has been reported to recognize mutated protein derived from mutations in
> so-called hot spot area. However, I have not found any mutationon the hot
> spot of the ORF in both alleles of p53 protein in Lewis lung carcinoma.  So
> far, I only found 2 mutations located at N- and C-terminal regions.
>  Does anyone know p53 mutations in Lewis lung carcinoma cells, or has any
> references?
Do the mutations you found look like they would lead to a conformational
change ? I don't know anything specific about Lewis lung carcinoma
but a reference which may be helpful is:
Brandt-Rauf, P.W. et al. PNAS Vol 91 pp9262-9266 "Conformational effects
of ..."
Hope this helps, David.

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