Actin as a nitrogen store?

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Tue Jun 13 05:26:07 EST 1995

Dear Scientists, 

Can a protein (eg actin in the muscles) be degraded and the amino acids or
the nitrogen in the amino acids be converted to new nitrogen containing
molecules during starvation. I´m curious about this because I´m working
with a major cytoplasm and nucleoplasm protein (lectin) from a fungus. The
protein has several similarities to eg actin; the protein is very sticky,
with affinity to several ligands and could build polymers (together with
ligands). (The protein has no sequence homology to any other sequenced
proteins). The promoter of the gene contains elements (GATA) suggested to
be involved in the regulation of  nitrogen utilization in other fungus and
the expression of the lectin is also dependent on the nitrogen level of
the media (highest expression at the lowest C/N-levels). Because storage
functions has been suggested for several plant and fungal lectins I wonder
if a possible sidefunction of this protein besides it´s other major
function(s) could be to be used by the fungi as a nitrogen source during
limiting N-conditions?

Best Regards

Stefan Rosén


Department of Microbial Ecology

Lund University


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