Apoptosis questions

David L. Bradbury dbradbur at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Tue Jun 27 13:52:37 EST 1995

	I am currently working with an androgen independent prostate 
cancer cell line.  Using the Oncor ApopTag kit, I have gotten beautiful 
pictures of cells undergoing apoptosis, however, there are a few 
phenomenas that I notice that I can't explain- namely:
	1. Apoptosis is supposed to be marked by cell shrinkage whereas 
my cells (which underwent ionizing irradiation) are markedly larger than 
the control cells.
	2.  In the positive controls and cells that undergo a lot of 
apoptosis, I notice a lot of cells have FITC label only on the membrane 
creating a "ring" around these cells. Is this indicative of early apoptosis?
(the cells have been fixed)

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