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> Hello !
> Does anybody have any suggestions as to how one can deliver small acidic
> peptides (4-10aa) into cells with high efficiency ?
> Thanks,
> Ken.

Electroporation tends not to be too efficient.

Scrape-loading and bead-loading are very easy methods which probably have
fairly high efficiency.  ATP permeabilization is easy and of high
efficiency, is easily reversible, but doesn't work in all cell types, and
makes fairly small holes (cutoff about 1 kD)

McNeil, Methods in Cell Biology, 29, 153-173 (1989).  Excellent review of
Scrape-loading, bead-loading, scratch-loading, ATP.

H. Stenmark, J. O. Moskaug, I. H. Madshus, K. Sandvig, S. Olsnes, J. Cell
Biol. 113, 1025-1032 (1991).  Makes fusion proteins of peptide with
diptheria toxin A chain, which translocates the peptide into the
cytoplasm;  lots of work, but probably very high efficiency.

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