phenomenology of cell behavior

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>Dear Eberhart,
>Two objections:

Dear Richard;
Thank you for your reply.  You said:

>1) You treat cells as sentient beings;
     It would appear that way although I know that this is not
     appropriate.  But it stems from the intent to use cellular
     life-form behavior to reflect, phenomenologically,
     similarities to our species.  I intentionally omitted the
     rationale for posting these questions in order to not impose
     more text than necessary on the readership.  But the
     referenced essay "cellphen" would allow those who may wonder
     about my posting to recognize the reason for it.  And in
     *that* context, my language in describing cells as if they
     were sentient beings becomes at least plausible, inaccurate as
     that may be.

>2) You ignore their physical existence, treating them as scalars,
>when vectors or even tensors don't suffice.
     Here I am overtaxed.  I am not clear on how I ignored their
     physical existence.  I thaught I circumscribed their physical
     existence in systems terms.  Where am I misreading your
     knowledge of what "physical existence" implies?

     Also, I must admit, that I am (was!) familiar with scalars,
     vectors and tensors way back when I was involved in applied
     physics research.  I cannot relate vector notation applicable
     to my inanimate physics to living systems.

My intent, Richard, is to back away from specific knowledge
applicable to people or other life forms in order to only see the
philophical sameness or similarities, to see that which is common
to all living systems, and I picked the 'lowest' life-form to
illustrate the sameness applicable to the "highest" life-form,
implying that this sameness applies to all life in between and thus
reflects a property of Life, not one of cells, people or urchins.

>Best regards, -Dick Gordon, U.Manitoba[Mar2,95]
Same here, Richard, I appreciate your feedback, hoping for more
feedback from you and others, and above all, I send to you my
warmest greetings and best wishes.

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