3D tumor culturing

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Hello readers,

I'm having a problem and I think posting it here might help.  I'd like to
culture cancerous tissues in three dimensions in a sort of a collagene gel
sponge.  I want to culture these tumors because I want to analyse a lot of
their properties.  Why in three dimensions (with confocal
lasermicroscopy): because it has been found that tumor cells act
differently when cultured as a monolayer.  They lose and gain properties
that are different than in tumoral tissue itself.  When I first started
this project, I based myself on work of Dr. R.M. Hoffman (UCSD, San Diego,
La Jolla, CA 92093.  He was author or co-author of numerous papers written
on cultering tumors in 3D in a collagene gel-sponge (Health Design Ind.,
Rochester, New York 14604 USA). { These sponges were packed (and
sterilised?) at HDi, but originally came from Ferrosan, Danmark, Europe. }
I based myself in fact on the very first article from Dr. Hoffman:

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA vol 83: 2694-98, April 1986:  In vivo like
growth of human tumors in vitro. A.E. Freeman & R.M. Hoffman

After that first article, numerous articles followed, but one very
peculiar thing catched my eye.  *ALL* articles written on this subjeect
from then on were published in cooperation *with* Dr. Hoffman.  I sended
Dr. Hoffman an e-mail a few times, and I've faxed him ones (in case he
doesn't read e-mails) but I didn't get any answers yet.  Nor a sign of
life.  I guess he must be a busy man (He 's also a member of the review
board of a famous Cancer research paper).  So I post the problem on this

1) What is the exact modus-operandi for culturing tumors in 3D in a
collagene gel sponge?  Does *anybody* knows anything about this or has
experience with it?

2) There was an article in cooperation with some italian people at the
Regina Elena Cancer Institute in Rome, Italy.  Does anyone knows if they
have an e-mail address or a faxnumber?  Maybe I can get some info there.

3) If there's anybody in this world who wants to give me some info
*whatsoever* about this, feel free to contact me.


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