5'-3' Inc. address?

Emmanuel Skoufos, Ph.D. skoufos at nefeli.imbb.forth.gr
Mon Mar 6 10:51:39 EST 1995

In article <mdmsk.2.0005AEA7 at rfhsm.ac.uk>, mdmsk at rfhsm.ac.uk (Dr Maria Skarli) writes:
>I am trying to find the address and a phone/fax number for a company called 
>5'-3' Inc. They are in Pensylvania. Any help will be much appreciated.
>Maria Skarli

I have this address in my files:

5 prime -3 prime
5603 Arapahoe
Boulder, CO 80303 US
Phone: 1-303-440-3705
FAX:   1-303-440-0835

hope it helps,


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