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Wed Mar 15 10:49:30 EST 1995

Dear colleagues,

As of yesterday we have started a discussion list for keratinocyte
researchers. This discussion list, called KERA-RES is a non-moderated
discussion list for researchers involved in (fundamental) keratinocyte
research. The list is intended to stimulate discussions on every possible
subject with respect to keratinocyte biology, like regulation of growth,
differentiation, culture systems, etc. Besides that, the list also
provides you with a forum to get an answer to more technical questions.

The list is open for everyone who is interested in keratinocyte research.
You can subscribe by sending a mail message to LISTSERV at NIC.SURFNET.NL
with the following command in the body (not the subject) of your message:


You will receive a conformation request from the listserver. Once you have
confirmed this, you are subscribed to the list.

The list is managed and owned by Piet van Erp (p.vanerp at and
myself, Henri Molhuizen (h.molhuizen at If you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

See you all on the list!

Henri Molhuizen
Dep. of Dermatology
Academic Hospital Nijmegen
The Netherlands
tel. +31 80 617239
e-mail: h.molhuizen at

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