Thu Mar 16 13:25:21 EST 1995

     As the program for the 1995 ASCB/European Molecular
     Biology Organization (EMBO) meeting in England is
     finalized, it is time to begin the preliminary
     organization of the 1997 ASCB/EMBO Summer Research
     Conference, which will be held in Airlie, Virginia. 
     ASCB members who wish to propose a conference topic
     should contact me using a written communication medium
     of your choice (please do not call with proposals, as I
     frequently lose notes taken on phone conversations). 
     Electronic mail (rds at dartmouth.edu), FAX
     (603-646-1347), and US mail (Department of Biological
     Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755) all
     seem to work well. A phone call (603-646-2377) is
     appropriate if members just wish to chat informally
     about possibilities or procedures etc.  Staff support
     is provided by Dorothy Doyle in the ASCB National
     Office; logistical inquiries may be directed to her at
     Tel: 301-530-7153; Fax: 301-530-7139; e-mail:
     ddoyle at ascb.faseb.org.
     These conferences receive financial support from the
     ASCB, EMBO, and the Dudley Wright Foundation.  Dudley
     Wright was a farsighted Swiss industrialist who
     initially supported these meetings with personal funds. 
     On his death, the Dudley Wright Foundation agreed to
     continued his personal commitment through the 1990s.
     The ASCB/EMBO conferences are held biennially to foster
     international collaboration and exchange of ideas on
     important and timely topics in cell biology.  In
     choosing a topic, the respective committees of the ASCB
     and EMBO give strong preference to interdisciplinary
     topics of mutual interest to the membership of the two
     organizations.  It is hoped that such an international
     focus will mean there is a high probability of the
     conference exerting a significant impact on research in
     the topic area.
     Please note that the Education Committee of the ASCB
     advises organizers to pay particular attention to the
     following points governing meetings: every effort
     possible should be made to maintain a balance between
     European and North American representation in the
     choice of speakers, session chairs, and meeting
     attendees.  It is also expected that every effort will
     be made to maintain a balance between breadth of
     speaker and participant representation with respect to
     (i) laboratories and countries, (ii) established and
     young investigators, and (iii) postdocs and graduate
     students.  Finally, meeting organizers are encouraged
     to try to ensure appropriate representation by women
     and minority group members.
     If anyone wishes to make general comments concerning
     the ASCB/EMBO summer conferences, please contact the
     Education Committee of the ASCB (9650 Rockville Pike,
     Bethesda, MD 20814-3992) or the Course Committee at
     EMBO (Postfach 1022.40, MeyerhofstraBe 1, 6900
     Heidelberg 1, Germany). Formal proposals for conference
     topics should include, but may not necessarily be
     limited to, the following: the subject, with some
     statement as to its interdisciplinary nature and its
     importance to the international cell biology community,
     the name of a potential European co-organizer (or a
     North American co-organizer if the proposer is from
     Europe), a brief outline of session topics, and a brief
     list of potential speakers (commitment from whom is not
     required at the time the topic is proposed).  Finally,
     individuals proposing  conference topics must make some
     comment as to their willingness to participate in fund
     -Roger D. Sloboda
     Department of Biological Sciences
     Dartmouth College
     Hanover, NH 03755
     E-mail: rds at dartmouth.edu
     FAX: 603-646-1347

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