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On 18 Mar 1995, Wladyslaw Olesinski wrote:

> Date: 18 Mar 1995 17:25:17 GMT
> From: Wladyslaw Olesinski <wladek at sputinow.cs.ualberta.ca>
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> Subject: Microtubules
> Hi,
> Does anyone know anything about microtubules? Where can I find some 
> information about them?
> I'd be grateful for some references.
> Cheers
> 	Wladek.
Any text-book in cell biology or biochemistry should give you information 
on microtubules. Two text-books that I have used for cell biology as a 
part of Zoology 242 are Mocecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts and 
others, and Molecular Biology of the Cell by Darnell, Lodish and 
Baltimore. Both these books are in the library at U. of A. If you need 
references that pertain to current research, I will be glad to provide 
some, but I should know your specific interests in microtubules.

	If you would like to come to see me, please leave your phone number 
and I will return your call. 

S.K. Malhotra, Biological Sciences, 
University of Alberta.> 

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